Introduction of Postgraduate Supervisors
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Major Name PhD/Master Program Postdoctoral Position Research Field Email Phone Number
Botany Bo Xu Master available Plant systematics, molecular evolution and adaption, with strong emphasis on the legume family 0086-28-82890757
Fanglan Li Master available Root biology 0086-28-82890971
Kaiwen Pan PhD/Master available Physiological and ecological responses of plants to stressed environment 0086-28-82890522
Tao Wang PhD/Master   Wheat genomics, genetics and breeding 0086-28-82890902
Xinfen Gao PhD/Master   Research of Plant Systematics and Evolution; 0086-28-82890759
Xinrong Ma Master   Plant Genetics 0086-28-82890415
Yu Wu PhD available Wheat genomics, genetics and breeding 0086-28-82890307
Zoology Feng Xie PhD/Master   Biodiversity and Conservation of Amphibians 0086-28-82890306
Guangzhan Fang Master available Animal behaviors and their underlying neural mechanisms; Bio-inspiration from animal behavior 0086-28-82890628
Jianguo Cui Master 0086-28-82890269
Jianping Jiang PhD/Master   Herpetological Biodiverity and Conservtion 0086-28-82890789
Jiatang Li  PhD/Master 0086-28-82890788
Jingfeng Chen Master   Eco-immunology and animal energetics 0086-189-73289689
Jinzhong Fu PhD/Master available Animal phylogeny, evolution and conservation 0086-28-82890599
Junhua Hu PhD/Master available Spatial Ecology, Biogeography, Wildlife Conservation and Global Change Biology 0086-28-82890256
Xianguang Guo  Master   Molecualr Systematics, Population Genetics 0086-28-82890778
Xiaomao Zeng PhD/Master   Cell and Molecular Evolution 0086-28-82890787
Yin Qi Master available Animal behaviour, ecology and conservation 0086-28-82890969
Youhua Chen PhD/Master  
Microbiology Ao Fan Master 0086-28-82890413
Ganggang Wang PhD/Master 0086-28-82890828
Hong Tan PhD/Master   Applied microorganism 0086-28-82890405
Xiangzhen Li PhD/Master 0086-28-82890506
Yanling Jin Master   Liquid Biofuel from Non-food Biomass 0086-28-82890733
Yumei DAI Master available Environmental Microbiology, Microbial Ecology,Biodegradation of pollutants, Food Safety  
Zhongliu Wu PhD/Master   Screening, molecular evolution & industrial application of oxidizing enzymes and reductases 0086-28-82890434
Environmental Science Dong Li Master 0086-28-82890233
Ganggang Wang PhD/Master 0086-28-82890828
Xiangzhen Li PhD/Master 0086-28-82890506
Xudong Li PhD/Master   Environmental Biological EngineeringEnvironmental Planning 0086-28-82890206
Zhiying Yan Master available Resource management of agricultural organic waste & Odor Control 0086-28-82890215
Zhouliang Tan PhD/Master available Enviromental science, Environmental microbiology, Wastewater biological treatment 0086-28-82890206
Ecology Dan Zhu  PhD/Master available Wetland ecology,natural resource utilization 0086-28-82890617
Fanglan Li Master available Plant functional ecology, Restoration ecology 0086-28-82890971
Huai Chen PhD/Master available Global change ecology and wetland biogeochemistry 0086-28-82890966
Huajun Yin PhD/Master   Forest ecology 0086-28-82890609
Junhua Hu PhD/Master available Spatial Ecology, Biogeography, Wildlife Conservation and Global Change Biology 0086-28-82890256
Kaiwen Pan PhD/Master available Ecological process and ecosystem management 0086-28-82890522
Ning Wu PhD/Master   Forest ecology, Alpine Ecology 0086-28-82890993
Peng Luo PhD available Conservation ecology and ethnobotany 0086-28-82890826
Qing Liu PhD/Master   Forest ecology 0086-28-82890995
Shuang Xiang Master   Functional Ecology 0086-28-82890535
Weikai Bao PhD/Master available Forest ecology, Restoration ecology 0086-28-82890528
Xueyong Pang PhD/Master   Forest ecology, Restoration ecology, Soil Ecology 0086-28-82890533
Yongheng Gao Master   Grassland Ecology,Soil Ecology  
Yongmei Zhang PhD available Plant Ecology, Conservation Biology 0086-28-82890756
Medicinal Chemistry BangJing Li PhD/Master   Natural Polymer, Polymer Self-assembly, Biomaterials 0086-28-82890640
Fei Wang PhD/Master   Chemical biology study 0086-28-82890651
Guolin Zhang PhD available Natural Products Chemistry and Natural products based chemical biology 0086-28-82890333
Jian Liao PhD/Master   Design and Synthesis of Novel Chiral Ligands 0086-28-82890822
Mingkui Wang PhD/Master 0086-28-82890821
Wei Jiao PhD/Master available Medicinal chemistry of natrual products or organic chemistry of natrual products 0086-28-82890819
Xiaoxia Lu PhD/Master 0086-28-82890809
Xun Liao PhD available Natural product chemistry, drug screening, bioanalytical chemistry 0086-28-82890402
Yan Zhou PhD/Master 0086-28-82890810
Yinggang Luo PhD/Master   Biosynthesis and Biotransformation of Natural Drugs 0086-28-82890813
Zhuo Tang PhD/Master   Organic chemistry and nucleic acid chemistry 0086-28-82890898
Pharmacology Fei Wang PhD/Master   Pharmacology 0086-28-82890651
Guolin Zhang PhD available Mechanisms of active natural products regulating estrogen or signal transduction 0086-28-82890333
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